Appendix A: Evaluation Tools

Several tools for evaluation of the supervisor and supervisee exist. Various examples are offered below to facilitate the evaluation and development of the supervisee. In addition, the competencies of the supervisor are critical. Thus, a self-assessment for the supervisor is offered to promote ongoing competency development. These documents may be modified according to organization requirements as well as consideration of the supervisory model (e.g., process, competency-based, CBT, psychodynamic, etc.) being applied in practice.

  • Therapist Evaluation Checklist:
  • Supervisor Evaluation Form
  • Supervisor Competency Self-Assessment
  • Key Areas for Evaluation of Clinical Supervision form:
    This tool is intended to be used as a framework and guide for clinical supervision. The intent is to provide feedback to supervisors regarding their quality of supervision. The tool is broken up into two sections: Specific skills competencies, and Theoretical models. To best use this tool, a supervisor will record a supervision session with their supervisee, after obtaining the supervisee’s consent. The session will be reviewed with the supervisor during a supervisors’ group meeting. All supervisors participating in this meeting will receive a copy of this tool and rate each domain as the pre-recorded session is being viewed. The supervisor is encouraged to share feedback, answer questions, and rate themselves during this process. Please note that this process is intended for growth and support and should be done through a strengths based approach.

Key Areas for Evaluation of Clinical Supervision 2018-12-08

Models of Supervision Matrix 2018-12-08