September 21, 2020 – September 25, 2020 all-day
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You are invited to be part of an unprecedented statewide
ONLINE INTERACTIVE RECOVERY FESTIVAL that will reach tens of thousands of New Mexicans in Celebration
of Behavioral Health Recovery.2020 STRONGER TOGETHER
Online Interactive Recovery Festival
Video Celebrations and Online Festival Booths
Broadcast during the last week of September, 2020
Organized by the Behavioral Health Planning Council and the Recovery Communities of New Mexico

This Online Recovery Festival will showcase all of the amazing successes happening in New Mexico that build hope and strength for those living an inspiring life of recovery.

Behavioral Health Recovery, including recovery from substance use, grief, mental illness, or other life crises will be video-celebrated with recovery stories, information segments, music performances, poetry readings, and interactive booths for artists, health organizations, and festival sponsors.

Resources, support information, and calls for action will also be highlighted during this online interactive event.


We realize it may take you some time to get your videos together to submit for this virtual event. In the meantime, make sure you reserve your space now to be featured in this Online Recovery Interactive Festival!

You can submit video content as a recovery community*, a health organization, or an individual.

All submissions must be related to “Celebrating Recovery”

*A Recovery Community could be a geographic location like your city/county or it could be a community of purpose like Poets in Recovery. A Recovery Community could also be an LGBTQI+ group who holds recovery as a cornerstone of their vision and work.

Video content submissions could include one or more of the following:

  • A recovery story
  • Poetry or music video highlighting or inspiring recovery
  • An interview with someone in recovery
  • A story from a family member of someone in recovery

Recovery Communities participants will be promoted with links to their websites. The goal is to increase networking, exposure, and support for your mission, talents, and work.

Videos submissions must be Mp4 files and can be as short as 1 minute to as long as you need to creatively share your story and information. We will work with you, if needed, on video ideas, video length, online video tools, etc.

All content will be reviewed and curated by our event planning committee.




Your final video submission is due August 28, 2020
Questions regarding submissions or details regarding this event please contact Elizabeth Carovillano / / (505) 690-0040



For Artists, Wellness Organizations, and Recovery Communities

This full festival experience will also feature an exhibition hall full of virtual booths where online festival attendees can interact with you much like they would if you were in person.

The exhibition hall will be an interactive page where attendees can see tons of vendors and organizations at a glance, each with their own “booth” portal, similar to an on-site event. Attendees can visit you in your online booth and ask questions about services, products, and buy online or donate to your organization.

There will be scheduled times when your booth will be “live”. Instead of walking into a vendor booth, they will click on your link and interact with you! There may be a small charge for virtual booth space.

Recovery Festival Booth Vendors Can:

  • Personalize your booth with your own graphic
  • Record a welcome video message for attendees
  • Post photos
  • Video chat LIVE with attendees



Click here to be the first to get more info on Virtual Booth Space




You are invited to participate and support an unprecedented effort to unite our Recovery Communities in New Mexico. Our 2020 Stronger Together Voices and Images of Recovery Online Recovery Festival, will celebrate the ways recovery communities impact the health of our state by building connections and support for those recovering from substance use, grief, illness, or other life crises. This virtual event will feature informational videos, recovery stories, music videos, poetry readings, interactive booths and your sponsor highlights that will show how we really are Stronger Together.

In past years, New Mexico Communities have celebrated people in recovery by holding in-person events.  This year, with covid, we’re moving our celebrations online. This not only keeps recovery strong in our bigger communities, but for the first time, we’ll be able to include people from smaller communities and rural areas in the celebration.

We need your help to make this happen! Your financial contribution will assure that we can engage the technical help and production assistance we need to pull this off. As a sponsor you will be prominently featured in the pre-event promotions as well as during the broadcast of the eve the last week September. And because this is an online event your sponsorship will live on as the event will be viewable  long after the original broadcast.

We anticipate tens of thousands of viewers and participants in this event. Thank you in advance for coming on as a sponsor for this pioneering venture. We are excited to work with you to make this a great success for all involved.

GOLD  $1000 

  • Top Logo Placement in pre-event promotion and on website
  • Company Logo included in all media releases
  • Company logo featured 10+ times during online event
  • Company promotional video (3-5 minutes) played during event
  • 4+ Social Media posts
  • A booth in the Online Recovery Festival

SILVER   $500

  • Logo Placement in pre-event promotion
  • Company name included in all media releases
  • Company logo featured 4+ times during online event
  • Company promotional video (1-2 minutes) played during event
  • 2+ Social Media posts

BRONZE   $250

  • Company name placement in pre-event promotions
  • Company logo featured 2+ times during online event


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Questions regarding submissions or details regarding this event please contact Elizabeth Carovillano / / (505) 690-0040





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