Crisis Triage Center Rule Update

October 5, 2019 e-mail from M. Shelley Strong
Co-Acting General Counsel , Department of Health

We are writing to provide a status update on the Crisis Triage Centers (CTC) Rule, part 7.30.13 NMAC. The CTC rule is nearing the end of its promulgation process. After careful consideration of the  comments from the community and the recommendation of the hearing officer, Secretary Lynn Gallagher has adopted the Crisis Triage Centers Rule as of September 21, 2018. The rule is set for publication on October 16, 2018. We want to thank our partners at HSD and CYFD for their ongoing collaboration during the development of these regulations.

Entities wishing to apply for a CTC license should contact Chris Burmeister at the Division of Health Improvement at Upon publication of the rule, DOH will post  the final version of the rule on our website at .

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.

Thank you!



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