As we impact the system, we Advocate for New Mexicans

As we impact the system,
we Advocate for New Mexicans…

Policy Agenda

Having regularly participated as the recognized provider representative in behavioral health policy review and implementation with the New Mexico Human Services Department and the Children Youth and Families Department, the Behavioral Health Providers Association of New Mexico is committed to achieving an accountable and mutually respectful behavioral health system problem-solving process.

The NMBHPA continues to support a proactive and inclusive approach to solving system problems. To accomplish this goal, the Provider Association will:

  1. Continue regular communication and problem solving with state agencies through standing meetings and issue specific work-groups.
  2. Use routine processes for bringing issues to the attention of state agencies.
  3. Educate NMBHPA members on how to raise issues and participate in problem-solving

The New Mexico Behavioral Health Provider Association is committed to a service environment that allows providers to protect both the community and consumers of mental health services. In part, this requires a strong and viable partnership with members of the New Mexico State Legislature and Executive Agencies charged with oversight of the Behavioral Health System.

Therefore, the NMBHPA 2020 Policy Priorities included support for:

  1. Enactment of the BH Collaborative Membership bill that will designate the Behavioral Health Providers’ Association of New Mexico (NMBHPA) as a voting member of the Interagency Behavioral Health  Collaborative. This legislation will ensure that the behavioral health providers in New Mexico provide input and feedback on all State generated efforts to improve behavioral health
  2. The Executive Budget Recommendations for funding the multi-agency Behavioral Health Initiative four primary goals:
    1. building a new behavioral health provider network
    2. developing community-based mental health services for kids and families
    3. effectively addressing substance-use disorder
    4. effectively addressing the behavioral health needs of justice-involved individuals.
    5. In order to address the behavioral health provider shortages and provide appropriate incentives to behavioral health providers so they can expand coverage across the state, the Executive Budget Recommendation includes funding to implement Medicaid behavioral health provider rate increases; supportive housing programs; and physician training assistance, as well as financial aid.

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