As we impact the system, we Advocate for New Mexicans

As we impact the system,
we Advocate for New Mexicans…

Policy Agenda

Having regularly participated as the recognized provider representative in behavioral health policy review and implementation with the New Mexico Human Services Department and the Children Youth and Families Department, the NM Behavioral Health Providers Association is committed to achieving an accountable and mutually respectful behavioral health system problem-solving process.

The NMBHPA 2017 Strategic Policy Goal is to: “Develop a proactive and inclusive approach to solving system problems”. To accomplish this goal, the Provider Association will:

  1. Continue regular communication and problem solving with state agencies through standing meetings and issue specific workgroups.
  2. Design a routine process for bringing issues to the attention of state agencies and for placing those issues on a tracker system.
  3. Educate NMBHPA members on how to place their issues on the tracker.
  4. Develop follow-up standards and responsibility for tracking issues resolution and implementation.

Policy Links

Legislative Agenda

The New Mexico Behavioral Health Provider Association is committed to a service environment that allows providers to protect both the community and consumers of mental health services. In part, this requires a strong and viable relationship with members of the New Mexico State Legislature.

The NMBHPA 2017 Strategic Legislative Goal is to “Create legislative support and legal protections for provider.” To accomplish this goal, the Provider Association will:

  1. Introduce itself and its members to all newly elected Senators and Representatives of the 2017 Legislative session
  2. Educate legislators on key behavioral health issues
  3. Advocate for proposals and bills that support improved access to care, quality of care and provider standing
  4. Coordinate with other behavioral health stakeholders to assure consistent development of the state’s behavioral health system

Legislative links

  • New Mexico Legislature ( search for members, legislation, committees’ times and agenda, webcast meetings during session and legislative reports
  • Disability Rights New Mexico ( for up to date and comprehensive listings of relevant legislative bills and action