The Behavioral Health Providers’ Association of New Mexico is a professional membership organization working to ensure that behavioral health providers share a unified voice in advocating for their clients and services in New Mexico.


The NMBHPA is a non-profit professional association of behavioral health agencies providing publicly funded behavioral health care in New Mexico. The Association seeks to represent all New Mexico behavioral health providers in policy and legislative advocacy by expanding membership to all provider entities, including individual practitioners, group practice plans, and professional associations that serve publicly funded clients. Led by a 15-member Board of Directors and a staff Executive Director, the Association meets regularly with the Children Youth and Families Department, the Behavioral Health Services and Medicaid Divisions within the Human Services Department and the Centennial Care managed care organizations.

Early Work and Accomplishments (2014 – 2016)

NMBHPA members and the Executive Director have been very active since the formation of the organization in 2014. For a more complete list of their activities and accomplishments, click here.

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2017 Strategic Objectives

The NMBHPA plans to contribute to ongoing behavioral health system improvements in a leadership role. The following FY 2017 Strategic Objectives support current needs, future system changes, and builds influence from the strength of our membership:

  • Membership In order to increase the reach of our membership, all providers and community members who provide behavioral health services are invited to join NMBHPA.
  • Legislative Create legislative support and legal protections for providers.
  • Workforce Increase workforce capacity in the publicly funded providers/agencies
  • Behavioral Health System Develop a proactive and inclusive approach to solving system problems

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