Helping Shape BEHAVIORAL HEALTH POLICY in new mexico

As a key representative in shaping behavioral health policy alongside the New Mexico Human Services Department and the Children Youth and Families Department, the Behavioral Health Providers Association of New Mexico is dedicated to fostering an accountable, respectful, and solution-driven approach within the behavioral health system.

NMBHPA remains steadfast in its commitment to a proactive and inclusive methodology for resolving systemic issues. To this end, the Association will:

    • Sustain regular communication and collaborative solutions through established meetings and focused work groups with state agencies.
    • Employ established procedures to highlight concerns to state agencies.
    • Empower NMBHPA members to effectively raise issues and participate in solutions.
    • Uphold a service environment ensuring the well-being of both the community and mental health service recipients, necessitating a robust partnership with the New Mexico State Legislature and Executive Agencies responsible for overseeing the Behavioral Health System.
    • Maintain ongoing legislative engagement in pursuit of our objectives.

Legislative activities

Access the pulse of legislative changes and stay connected to the heartbeat of behavioral health in New Mexico.


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What Our Members Say

“NMBHPA has provided me a network of fellow providers throughout New Mexico who have an insurmountable amount of knowledge in the world of NM Behavioral Health. It is beyond helpful to be able to present ideas and brainstorm with such a variety of providers.” Molly Chavez

"Being a member of NMBHPA has truly been a transformative experience. The collaborative environment and commitment to mental health advocacy are unparalleled. Through NMBHPA, I've gained valuable insights, resources, and connections that have enhanced my ability to support individuals with behavioral health needs. I'm grateful to be part of such a dynamic community dedicated to improving mental health outcomes in New Mexico." – Devan Manilla

The NMBHPA keeps our agency updated on important legislative and policy changes. Throughout the year, team members from different departments in our organization participate in the biweekly meetings to ask questions and share ideas. We appreciate the chance to learn about different programs and client populations and enjoy networking with industry professionals throughout the state. The NMBHPA provides us with a strong voice in the NM Legislature as well as with the Managed Care Organizations and NM BHSD. In addition, membership offers ample opportunities for our team to contribute to advancing the profession and to assume leadership roles in behavioral health initiatives. – Katharine Spehar, SHRM-SCP